Friday, December 11, 2009

Here are a couple of things that I have worked on in the last few days. My living room has all kinds of card stock and crafting paraphernalia around it. I am working of Christmas gifts (still need to send out the Christmas Cards....ugh). There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. My friend Amy and I made some Puppy Chow on Wednesday. Talk about some yummy sweet goodness!
Well I packaged some of it up to give to my boss for Christmas and Faith (my youngest) wanted to give some along with a card to a teacher who will be leaving today. Her science teacher went out on maternity leave and I think she rather prefers the sub to the actual teacher. I had that happen to me during the 5th grade,. Ms Cook, she was an awesome teacher!! I digress, here are a couple of pics of what I have done.

I know the picture isn't the greatest, I took it with my camera phone, can't seem to locate my digital camera (thank goodness my oldest daughter is getting one for Christmas! :)

Stamps: PTI- Signature Christmas
Patterned Paper: Memory Box, PTI-Bitty Boxes
Ink: PTI Scarlet Jewel

This next one is the card and bag ensamble for the teacher.

This came together pretty easily for me. I love the colors together (it looks better is real life)
I guess you could say that we aren't the only ones who like the Puppy Chow, just found the empty bag of what was left over on the floor! Thank goodness the gift bag was where the dog couldn't get to it, however, I still don't know how the dog got up on the table! UGH!!! All that yummy sweetness is gone....might have to make some more! :)
Inki-PTI Smokey Shadow
Patterned Paper-Memory Box
Stamps-PTI Wish Big

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flash Back

I have seen a few people post pictures from the "olden" days, so I thought I would hop on the band wagon. This picture is from my freshman year of high school. This was my sisters shirt, and I just loved it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well we woke up at 7:30 am this morning. I had made Monkey bread last night and put it in the fridge, so when the girls woke up all they had to do was put it in the oven. So we made coffee and started to open presents. The girls were excited about what we got them. We bought the Wii and the game Rock Band II with the money that my mom and dad sent. They were very surprised. Sarah said she would never expected it. And that was my goal. I wanted them to be surprised.

We went to my sister in law's house and had Christmas up there and had a great meal. (Pretty much any meal I don't have to cook is great, LOL) then opened presents, hung out for a while and then came home. The girls immediately started to play Rock Band so it seems to have been a good present to get. I am soooo glad, I was really worried about Faith being disappointed that she didn't get her Uggs.

I bought Craig a nice comfy rob and a shirt, he was complaining that the only shirts he had were Pepsi t-shirts.

OOOH, didn't realize how much bed head he had. HEEHEE

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last night Craig and I went to our first session with our pastor concerning the state of our marriage. Things have not been well with us for quite some time. It seems to me that we would get to such a bad place that I could no longer stand it and when I would finally say something we would try to be better and we would for a little while. Lately however, I have found that I am tired of this tiresome cycle that we go through. Vince has been doing a 6 week series about the Sermon on the Mount and I have to say that they have really touched a cord deep within me.

Anyway, Vince asked us what we imagined marriage being about when we got married. I kept my mouth shut (on purpose I might add) because I really wanted Craig to begin. I don't have a problem talking but it just seems like I always take the lead. He started off good but then got into some of the things that I apparently do that disappoint him, and Vince stopped him.

In the end, Vince said that we were both broken. This I knew, but he wants us to look for the broken places so that we can work on those. I have to say that I didn't expect Vince to talk as much as he did, and I have no idea as to what will happen in these sessions, but I hope that we will come out of it in a better place then we are now.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A busy weekend

We had a busy weekend but lots of fun was had!! Sat. morning I had to get Faith to pictures for her soccer team then to her game. They tied, it was a good game; Faith assisted on a goal but it didn't count (still not sure of all the soccer rules). Anyway, like I said they tied, at least they didn't loose, and the team they played had some good players on it. Thankfully, Faith's earrings have gone back in after the game. This last time was real easy. Then we came home and I made a birthday card for a friend of ours.

His name is Rob and he is Craig's BFF (LOL). We were going over there later for dinner. It was his birthday so we brought his favorites! Cheesecake and Breyer's Vanilla Fudge Swirl. We got to his house about 5 pm, had some fun and got home around 10:30. Then we had to get up on Sunday to get to practice at church by 8 am. Went to church and then came home, studied for a couple of hours and then went to the neighborhood block party! Here are some pics....

This isn't the best quality photo, but come on she was jumping on a pogo stick!

Connor, Amy's son was a volunteer magician! He's not afraid of being in front of people! He was really cute. Later on they had a talent show. Sarah was the first one to sign up. She sang a Hannah Montana song, if I head my head on straight I would have remembered that I can do video too! I could had a little piece to show you. I was really proud of her, she got up there and belted it out and sound good! And I don't just say that because she is my daughter. LOL!

I finally met, Rocco and Michael. They are the gentleman that bought our friends house down the street from us. They moved it a year ago in August and I have never met them. Isn't that horrible!! Anyways, they were very nice and I have to say that I am dying to see what they have done with the house. They have a cute little dog...her name is Pepper. Rocco wants more dogs, but Michael thinks that one is enough! But isn't she a cutie??

Gabby came with us to the block party, we brought her home from church. She said she needed to be home by 5 pm. I called Katinka and told her I would bring her home between 5 & 6 pm. Well shortly before 6 pm I gathered up Amy and Gab. The girls wanted to come with us, but I didn't have enough room in the car. Little did I know that Gab wanted to be home by 5 pm because I was the guest of honor at a Surprise Party! I felt bad then for not bringing the girls, I know they wanted to see my face! It was so beautifully decorated with my favorite colors and they all wore these beaded necklaces also in my favorite colors (blue & green). And they would take their necklace off and when they put it around my head, they said something nice to me. My one disappointment with it was that Craig was not there and did not participate in my celebration planning. Otherwise it was a very busy weekend and I didn't get hardly any studying done. So that is what I am going to do now. I will try and post the card I made for Rob a little later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is September, school has started

School has started for the girls and tomorrow I have my first class. Microbiology! Hopefully it will be more like Biology then Anatomy & Physiology! I did much better in Bio then A&P. One step closer to my goal. Sarah was excited about school starting, Faith not so much. But I think both of them are ready for a change. There is only so much not doing anything a person can stand.

I don't know what happened to this post, I never posted it, so I will continue on! School HAS started for me I like the teacher, not so much my Lab Assistant Maria! When I was taking biology, she took over for my lab assistant to found a different job. Wasn't crazy about her then, and not crazy about her now!!

The girls are getting into the groove of school. Faith of course hates homework and so does Sarah at times. I guess we all did!!! Doing homework with them sometimes is painful! I was helping Faith with her homework last night as well as trying to study myself but it just seemed like every 3 min. she would ask me a question. So around 8 pm when she asked me another question I just closed my books and helped her. I don't really like studding past 9 pm if I can help it. It just doesn't seem like anything sticks, 9 PM is the witching hour for me. Plus, I get to watch my shows, LOL!! A girls has to have some down time!!!!!!!

Faith is learning how to play the trumpet, she wanted to clarinet, but there were none left at school for her to borrow, so she is doing the trumpet with a friend. Here's a video of her the day she brought it home!

Alright peeps, finally got the video uploaded to Blogger! Leave me a comment, let me know that someone is out there!! LOL

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacaton and other stuff

Tomorrow my mom and dad come in from Texas!!! I am so excited; Saturday we will leave and go to Beach Lake, PA to Dellwood Acres. I have been there a few times before, but Craig makes the trip a couple of times a year. It is a very family orientated place, it has a pool, tennis courts, horseshoe pit, a little miniature bowling alley, ping pong table, paddle boats and a bigger lake that Craig puts his little boat into, to fish. I anticipate alot of relaxing and laughing!!

School starts for all of us soon! Sarah will begin 6th grade and Faith is going to 5th. I can't believe it! They are growing up soooo fast. Where did my little toddler girls go? Now I get to deal with the attitude of adolescence. JOY!!! Maybe I will ship them off to grandma and grandpa!! LOL.

Here's Sarah on the hammock with Lucy and Dale around her! This was at the beginning of the summer can you believe that summer is already coming to an end???

I don't know what the heck Faith was doing, but I do know that we were coming back from the pool. I love the look on Sarah's face in the background!